A thoughtful succession plan.
A new wave of growth for your business.

Stratos Growth Partners

About us

We are a team of entrepreneurs seeking to acquire and grow a single small to medium-sized business. We are looking to make a long-term commitment and take on operating roles as the next generation leaders. We are eager to build on the legacy created by the prior owners while facilitating a smooth transition process.


We are partners who have a shared ambition for entrepreneurship. We started our careers in family business and small business, and we understand the dedication and hard work required to build a company.

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We will work with business owners to create a thoughtful and flexible succession plan. We understand that selling a business is one of the most important and pivotal events in an entrepreneur’s life. We are determined to make this a positive milestone and we are excited to embark on this journey together with owners.

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We are seeking a Canadian small to medium-sized business where the owner wants to retire or transfer ownership for the next growth chapter. We believe in entrepreneur-led businesses, where customer centricity is at the core of their success and their team culture. 

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